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Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death it can happen anywhere to anyone at anytime I'm here to demonstrate how to use the Philips hard start on automated external defibrillator or a TD in case you need to help someone in Cardiac Arrest set the AED on the same side the patient as you press the on button Begin by removing all clothing from the patient's chest when it gets needed you have already called 911 so remove the clothing from the patient's chest as quickly as possible is there remove protective cover and take out white adhesive pads are the electrode pads look carefully at the pictures on the white adhesive pads please pad exactly as shown in the picture press Fernley to patients bears when the first pad is in place look carefully at the picture on the second pad press pads Fernley to patients bareSkin it doesn't matter which pad you put on first the important thing is you place the pads exactly as shown in the picture and you press down for as soon as the pads are in place the AED will immediately start to evaluate the heart rhythm the patient tantalizing shock advised stay clear of patient make sure no one is touching the fresh the flashing orange button now shock delivered be sure Emergency Medical Services have been called it is safe to touch the patient begins CPR for help with CPR press the Flash Blue Button play the heel of one hand in the center of the chest between the nipples place your other hand on top of the first push the chest down firmly to inches heat time with the beat bench nose tilt head and give two full breaths breathe please continue with compressions and rescue breaths according to your training continue CPR until the AED tells you to stop emergency medical personnel arrived or the person starts moving why you perform we are the AED will interrupt you a regular intervals so I can check if another shock is necessary touch the patient analyzing keep standing clear patient while the AED is evaluating the patient and may decide to shock again or I may say it is safe to touch the patient if needed again CPR start to move or breathe normally do not take the pads off the patient the AED will keep monitoring the patient and will tell you if another shot is needed that's it just do what the details you from the moment you turn it on when the emergency medical name arrives you may have saved critical Time by starting treatment even better you may have saved a life